Celebrate Everything!

and it’s so easy with this fabulous new book at The Marketplace!

Darcy Miller is the Editorial Director at Martha Stewart Weddings, she landed there straight out of college and has been orchestrating ultra fab parties, gatherings, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, showers and engagements ever since! In other words, dream job!

so naturally Martha wrote the “foreword”

Look at the last portion of Martha’s final sentence, “making memories of celebrations and rites of passage is important in the preservation of the fine fabric of family life”, only Martha!

Darcy’s whimsical sketches appear throughout the book and they are utterly charming!
this book is brimming with ideas from simple to elaborate, thrifty to spendy, but you are guaranteed to find inspiration for your next fete!

Look at this clever “fishbowl” as an element to a pool party theme…and where does one find this super cute candy you ask?….well at the end of the book Darcy shares a multitude of resources with her reader, now that’s worth the price of admission alone!

Life Preserver doughnuts…OMG!

here’s a sampling of a few of Darcy’s highly sought after resources…and believe me, the Farm Girls have hit the streets of NYC to check ’em out and they are TDF!

Pop on into the Marketplace and grab your own copy, summer is upon us and this is the season to partay!….Darcy style!


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