Composing the Perfect Cheese Board

We love this assembly of cheese or as we like to say “fromage” sitting upon the natural yet beautiful and rustic board overlaid with parchment paper. Take note of the intentional varieties of fromage as they relate to one another in texture, region and strength. The simple accompaniment of apples, pears, nuts and sparkling wine make for the most memorable experience for your guests!

The Marketplace at Arcadia Farms will soon have everything you need to create and assemble a beautiful cheese board. Currently we have gorgeous French cheese knives, spreaders and charcuterie forks as well as lovely cheese boards. Ask for a sample of our artisanal jams and marmalades that perfectly accompany a statement making cheese spread! We can suggest a couple of favorite books on creating sumptuous boards to perfect your technique, and we have “cheese papers” that are a must have for storing your fromage properly. Soon to come…..Fromage!….yep, we will soon be your one stop for all things cheesey…stay tuned!


Pop into the Marketplace, we have these great books on cheese available to ensure your cheese presentations are  up to snuff!

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