“Eat This Yum”

WOW!… The Marketplace is the first and only in the state to offer “Eat This Yum” organic jams, marmalades and spreads!  We LOVE these flavor packed spreads for their pure ingredients, unique flavor pairings and their versatility.  They make the absolute best hostess gift too!  Stop in to the market and ask for a taste, you will be hooked!

With pairings such as Blackberry Rosemary, Blood Orange and Meyer Lemon and Tomato Jalapeño, we can offer you an endless array of ideas on how to use these in your daily cooking!

Come on in and we’ll taste test with you and share our favorite ways to use them! Imagine “Blackberry Rosemary” poured over lamb chops or duck breast. Red Currant and Chamomile drizzled on breakfast waffles or slathered on a peanut butter sandwich. Of course Tomato Jalapeño is perfect on a grilled cheese sandwich or burger…and these are only a few ideas and a few flavor pairings…come on in for a visit and we’ll get you as hooked as we are!

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