Let’s continue exploring Carmel!

You will find a plentiful array of boutiques to explore and prepare to be dazzled by the variety of art galleries scattered throughout the village! We have a few favorites nestled in Carmel Valley that are definitely on our “must see” agenda for your stay in this idyllic little town. Hop in the car and take a picturesque drive out to Carmel Valley, you’ll oooh and ahhh over the gorgeous landscape dotted with villas reminiscent of Tuscany tucked amongst the grape vines, after all you are entering wine country.  As you cruise along Carmel Valley Road,  prepare to stop at “Tancredi and Morgen”,  a family owned business for thirty years offering highly curated items from Europe.dsc05849these earthenware pieces caught our eye, the blue is so quintessential French!dsc05850these gorgeous sachets are made by the owner from collected bits of antique linens, they are filled with the most fragrant, french lavender….a few of these may have left the store for a life elsewhere, we could not resist!dsc05857this is a haven for antique glassware of all shapes and sizes!dsc05859we were smitten with this collection of ironstone, just look at those precious pitchers!dsc05852and stacks of vintage cafe au lait bowls (you can also find a nice collection of these bowls here at The Marketplace that are not antique)dsc05861T&M stocks a lovely selection of table linens, these beautiful red and white napkins were sturdy and featured a great textural weave.  Staples in any french household are useful market baskets and “Savon de Marseille”, olive oil soap. Might we also add that you can find both of these items here at The Marketplace!dsc05853dsc05855“Tancredi & Morgen” is sure to tickle your inner Francophile, we challenge you to leave empty handed!dsc05869upon leaving T&M, turn right onto Carmel Valley Road and in a short distance you will come upon “Earthbound Farm” one our most favorite places in the valley to fill our french market baskets with the freshest produce and flowers!dsc05871dsc05873dsc05878who can resist sunflowers?dsc05875dsc05881-1greeting visitors to the farm was this old iron bed planted with desert plantings, now how clever is this!

and another favorite while you are in this gloriously beautiful area is “Jan de Luz”, this is one of two establishments owned by this dynamic husband and wife duo. Here you will find the most exquisite collection of antique fountains and garden embellishments! Take your time and stroll amongst the relics, listen to the tinkling fountains and pretend you are in Provence, it’s not hard to do!dsc05885dsc05890we shall leave you here in the beauty of the fountains for now. Continue along with us in the days ahead as we suggest a few favorite wineries and restaurants while you are in the valley….we have so much more to share!

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