“Paris is Always a Good Idea”…says Audrey Hepburn!

And we could not agree more!!!!! It would be an understatement to say that the Farm Gals here at The Marketplace are closet Francophiles! Recently the most gorgeous book was released celebrating the fleurs of Paris. “Paris in Bloom” by Georgianna Lane is an over the top visual treat for the eyes and mind. Flipping through the pages makes one want to rush to the nearest boulangerie and grab a baguette and slather it with brie while sipping Rose along the Seine! This is a gem of a book that should be in any gal’s library that has a passion for flowers and the City of Light!







Georgianna states, “Some memories never fade, a stolen kiss, an exhilarating roller coaster ride, one’s first trip to Paris.” For any of us who have visited this magical city, this statement is so very true! It captures your heart and doesn’t let go.


Georgianna describes in detail, elegant floral boutiques to lively flower markets to glorious blooming trees and expansive public gardens, flowers are the essential ingredient to the lush sensory bouquet that is Parisian life. This must have book transports readers on a stunning floral tour of the city, and provides recommendations to the best flower markets and a detailed guide to spring blooms.

Parisians demonstrate daily how flowers bring life to the City of Light. There are fleurs boutiques on nearly every street corner, charming fleuristes tucked down little alleyways , grand hotels overflowing with stunning floral creations, balconies dripping with blooming vines, parks laden with gigantic urns filled with eye popping flowers, it takes one’s breath away!



Georgianna shares that she was “always struck by the artistry of Parisian presentation, whether a sumptuous planting in the Jardin des Tuileries or a gorgeous bundle of market roses, carefully bound in pretty paper and tied with ribbon, just so”

pop in to The Marketplace and pick up a copy of this treasure of a book, you will become lost in its pages for days!

One of our farm gals also had the fortune of visiting Paris in the springtime, here are a few snaps from that glorious experience!

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