Pumpkins and leaves and straw, oh my!….

How can it possibly be the third week in October already? It’s hard to imagine that in a month most of us will be hauling out the holly and decking the halls!  But let’s savor autumn even though here in the desert we are still enduring scorching temperatures!  Here in the Marketplace we are enjoying a super easy pumpkin creation that we wanted to share with y’all! It’s a no muss no fuss project that can be done on any scale. dsc06504-1Start with a beautiful urn that suits the scale of your table (we love these gorgeous black urns…we’ll share the resource with you at the end), lay a bed of leaves around the circumference of the opening of your chosen vessel.  We also added “excelsior” to our pumpkin tower as it adds another dimension, texture and color. Be sure this first layer is secure and even.

dsc06505-1Add your first pumpkin!  Now when selecting your pumpkins it is important to consider size and color while keeping in mind that you will be stacking them on top of one another. For example, try to graduate the size of your selection so you end up with a tapered effect, and you must be aware of the stems!  As much as we love pumpkins with glorious stems this project calls for short, stubby stems to allow for stacking! Once your first pumpkin is positioned you are on your way, see how easy this is….add another layer of excelsior and leaves and your next pumpkin.

dsc06506-1stack ’em up as high as you wish, we set out to collect a variety of pumpkins but you could certainly do the same species and color!

dsc06507once you have built your tower to the desired height you may wish to add a wee one on top, like the cherry on the sundae! Whatever you decide we are confident you will end up with a lovely, impactful autumn centerpiece!

So a few tips, when selecting your pumpkins it is important to inspect the flesh of the pumpkin, if there is a cut or open blemish you must pass as it will most assuredly rot prematurely.  It is a wise move to place something under your pumpkins when displaying on furniture as over time they can weep and you will have a mess brewing that you may not know of until a certain icky aroma permeates your house…ick!

and oh yes, this absolutely fabulous black urn that we are completely obsessed with can be found at Home Depot in a variety of sizes! It is lightweight and luscious!

Happy Autumn, now let’s get stackin’

one more hint: Trader Joe’s is the bomb for all those gorgeous, warty pumpkin varieties!

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