The Granddaddy of fabric stores!

The farm gals just returned from Manhattan where they were sourcing great finds for the season ahead. One afternoon on our way back to Penn Station, we popped into “Mood Fabrics” of Project Runway fame. Come along and we’ll give you a little peek….and a sweet pup pic too!

Mood Fabrics is “thee” place for fabrics in the city, you will find thousands of bolts of fabric, this is an all day endeavor if you are on the hunt for the perfect bolt!

Meet “Swatch”, the celebrity terrier that snoozes between the fabric aisles, he is apparently quite famous and beloved due to his numerous Project Runway appearances.

There are cards and cards of gorgeous bridal lace and trims and beadwork!

and walls of buttons…as far as the eye can see! Buttons galore!!!

and of course hundreds of bolts of sumptuous ribbon!

The Granddaddy of fabric stores!

Mood is located at 225 W. 37th Street up on the 3rd floor, (in the Garment District)  it really is something to see!…the farm girls highly recommend!

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